Friday, November 13, 2009

Halloween 2009...

more pics from you from around the world...

Valencia and Ireland!
Apparently its "happy hour" everywhere!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

They're done!

Just in the "city safari" shirts in heavy blue oxford, slate blue and khaki cotton. s-xl $148 (no shipping)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Remember FREE SHIPPING and

Everything is returnable! See something you like...just try it on approval! Ask for swatches!

Send all questions/orders to or

Did you like our shorts or jean cut dress pants?

Well, we made jeans in the same pattern as our dress pants...a bit backward, but here they are. They have the same great fit as the button shorts (Just a drop tighter at the waist since denim gives more as you wear them).

Boot cut. Two weights - heavier and lighter. We can send you a fabric swatch s-xl $138

latest timmy j. Polo (And vest)

The new polo looks like the Timmy J. vest shown here. Vertically ribbed with horizontal ribs in the stripe.
Both s-xl. Vest $98. Polo $128. Very limited.(Making more of the cotton navy and whites shown here.)

Breakwater Jackets

Working on new versions of these...including a slightly longer one and one that has zippers on sleeve - just like a motorcycle jacket...I'm looking for a stretch cashmere for these too!

summer carnival parade - 60's theme

We decided to make a float...well, a wagon really, the night before...the 1960's board game "Mystery Date" (Your sister probably had one. You either got to date the surfer, the nerd, the guy in the tux etc). Our summer neighbor Matt painted the wood (Our cutting table top! We were pressed for time), Bobby (Wearing Mitch's toupee here) and I attached some 2 by 4's and some wheels (My sister Allison went to the hardware store 15 times....we have no short term memory), then we tricked Bob, Travis, Dana, Max and others (Mitch rode on the back) to drag the 900 pound rickety thing all the way down Commercial street on the HOTTEST day of the summer (We never really thought it would make it to Pearl Street without falling apart...) I watched from a second floor window...sorry guys.

Send us your Carnival pics!

bringing back some old favorites...

I was wearing the "city safari" shirt(It fits an ipod. How many of us really trap lions on the weekend?) in town one day and got lots of nice comments from strangers so I thought why not? This time the city safari is in classic blue oxford, khaki and a slate blue. s-xl about $158.
Working on the "split" shirt next. Love this one.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

herringbone passport jacket

Finally in! We love these! We filled the waitlist and made some more. Brown/light or Black/grey herringbone s-xl $395. No shipping...try it on approval!

we like this article!

real...thanks to the writer Steve Desroches

chocolate trench

We make these one at a time so we will need some measurements from you. s-xl $268 (Like the herringbone "breakwater jacket" underneath? That's $138)

One of our favorite ads ever!

we melded "Mitch" with our old "Jeffrey" ad favorite (scroll down the page to see the some of the old originals). Richard reprised Jeffrey once again..thank god the clothes wore so well! They are the same ones and still look brand new !


We loves this shape...a nine incher collar...longer cut sleeves and the full neck made it feel great...first batch is gone...we are searching for some new textures for check back..or we can send you

matt's bike

he is so creative! Someone give him a show on HGTV!

cord passport jacket

Now this is an easy jacket to wear just about anywhere. Wear COLLAR UP OR DOWN s-xl $275

washed denim jacket...SALE!!!

comes in original stiff denim or softer washed s-xl $195 ...
was $195 now
thru Thanksgiving $98!
why not try it!? shipping and you can always send it back no questions asked!

new breakwater jackets

different shape...slight flare in back...brown...grey (with orange zipper) herringbone...denim s-xl $128-$168

more with mitch