Monday, October 18, 2010

Recommended viewing

For me it's a bit too stressful...but if you have a causal interest in how clothes are made try this movie. It's about Jay, from year one Project Runway, trying to get his show/collection put on in the tents. As of a few days ago it was on Demand on Logo Movies on Comcast. Check it out.

Just saying...

We have been doing these for a while....

You may not want to give away those skinny jeans just yet, but it does seem that in the near future, your denim legs will get wider again. "Wide legs, trousers, super flares, and bell bottoms are definitely the new fashion-forward trend, not only in the premium denim market but everywhere," Jerome Dahan, founder and designer of Citizens of Humanity, tells StyleList. Denim designers are starting to see a rise in sales in boot cuts, flare, and trouser-leg styles, which could indicate there will be a clear shift in denim trends. Francis Pierrel, vice president of retail and wholesale at Diesel, tells StyleList that while the skinny jean will not be going away completely, new options such as the skinny boot cut are gaining momentum.

New Tork Times Article that we like!