Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Working on NEW SCARVES and GIFTS!


Root for our friend on TOP CHEF!!!


Our friend and coworker Patrick Dunlea (Who is still just a student by the way) was chosen to be on the new Top Chef episodes this fall. We have no idea how he did, and frankly, we are not pressing him to know how he did...we don't want to know....we need an excuse for a viewing partys!

Good luck Patrick!

(Patrick is the one doing the backflip on the commercial. You might recognize him from the shop where he worked one summer. He is in some ads further down the this year with the golf ball in his mouth...the other in the "Boys of summer section" in the alley waiting for his to arrive) If you want to wish him well, email us and I will forward it to him!

check out his bio at: