Sunday, July 26, 2009

More with Mitch and Butch

Here is Bill's "Kooza". Thanks for sending!

new tees include...

powder blue with orange ink and white gloss on white tees. In First week in August.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Mitch meets some great new friends during bear week!

If you have a pic with Mitch and butch please send it along!

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The new "timmy j"...

Based on my nephew Timothy's more ornate rugby shirt. Just sent him the last xl in navy for a pic for the tag. Popular right away. Already only small and medium in the navy and white. s-xl in the mint/mint, camel and white and light blue and white. $98. Free shipping

Super light drawstring shorts

They're back!...made from shirt asked for more... s-xl $64

Cabana boy polos

We love these. They are in an ad later this week and they are already almost gone. Trying to make more ASAP. Brown and and hite...white/white with navy collar... they reminded me of palm beach in the 50's $98 s-xl...waitlist on most... free shipping.

new home and pet accessories

Finishing up new pillowcases with grosgrain ribbon trim. We call them "Guest Room Pillowcases" because they are too nice to actually use! Also my sister got a new puppy named "Bongo". We made a leash for him and people liked it...Then a hanky(Which people are wearing too). The hankies are in orange, navy and red and cost just $10. The rest will be put on soon.

This guy is back...

A friend came in with one of the originals... Looked great! we brought him back this summer.
s-xl $24

Pink elephants???

This year on a grey tee s-xl $24

Quick dry brown or black bond swim shorts

We wanted a good looking short you could swim in ...and then put on a nice polo and go right to dinner.... Quickly dries in seconds. The black ones are a more matte fabric...the brown have a nice sheen....Same cut as our linen slim short last year...just with out the give of size up if you think you need a little more room. S-xl $98 no shipping
swim available all year for your vacations!

Tim also wears the white cotton voile shirt.

Mitch is a proud American...well... tramp

This character came to town to have some fun. He got a lot of hits on his manhhunt profile, but we haven't opened any of them...not till we are sure people know all about him...The next ad we got some great comments on. For years we have been saying " check your labels" if you have an option to buy American (We have always printed our tees on American Apparel tees, used local seamers and American fabrics) then do it. It more important than ever now!

"Seatbelt" belts

Different weights. Different buckles. Clearly just for fun. $20

Super hero swim!

Same great sexed up 50's cut from last season. Comes with "seatbelt" belts which you can take out and wear with jeans. You pick the color belt. Squirt gun included. Black, white or orange. s/m, m/l, l/xl...$88

some pics you sent!

here are just a few...let me see where I put the rest...send more!!!

Tan linen slim shorts

They were the first to go last year so we made more in the tan linen with the tortoise button. s-xl $98. No shipping. That's Matt, a real designer, who just graduated from a 4 year program. You will be seeing him around!

Oxford button slim shirt shorts

Those hot days are coming up. Why not wear something as light as a shirt on your...well, who needs a heavy cotton twill cargo on those days? Same great cut as last years linens.
Blue, pink, yellow and green. s-xl $98 no shipping.

Coming in August

Our own jeans!
That herringbone coat with the convertible collar in brown or grey (There is a wait list for this already if you can believe it)
A great windbreaker styled jacket (This might be done sooner)
Camel Car coats
"Passport" jackets.

Hello there tee!

Our friend is back from last year... She is available in s-xl...although green/navy is almost gone. More colors coming. $24 no shipping.

New button shirt fabrics!

Same cut. Same collar. Same double shell buttons on the cuff. No questions if you already have one. Limited so we can save you one if you like. s-xl $128-$168. No shipping.

A blue/ grey...white sheer cotton voile...finally the black voile!...a new powder and white party shirt with the silver lurex stripe...a khaki with the city safari pocket detail...we are also doing this safari style in two shades of blue we are calling the "Ultimate white shirt"...simple and so soft...then due to popular demand we are bringing back the pink and the blue check from the previous season. People want this to be one of our "basics" we listened!

Want to live near us?

No...I don't blame you. But just in case you want a place with great views, center of town our friend Greg is renting his penthouse right behind us.

Check out

or call Pied Piper realty for other places!

Thank you!

Cape Cod Life gave us a nod. Thanks again!