Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Just sent this pic

Halloween 2010
Can you guess what these gentlemen...clearly on their day off!!!... called themselves?

Working on Holiday gifts...

Check back soon!

Halloween 2010

send us your pics to post!

If you haven't spent Halloween here before you should definitely book for 2011!
and check out this from last year...
they did an update on it this year!

News around here...

Can you see what happened during a little storm we just had here? Answer below...

No worries, they got it back in the bay! Can you believe one of the seeds from the potted plant on our porch planted itself behind the Pied? Talk about surviving during a recession!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Recommended viewing

For me it's a bit too stressful...but if you have a causal interest in how clothes are made try this movie. It's about Jay, from year one Project Runway, trying to get his show/collection put on in the tents. As of a few days ago it was on Demand on Logo Movies on Comcast. Check it out.

Just saying...

We have been doing these for a while....

You may not want to give away those skinny jeans just yet, but it does seem that in the near future, your denim legs will get wider again. "Wide legs, trousers, super flares, and bell bottoms are definitely the new fashion-forward trend, not only in the premium denim market but everywhere," Jerome Dahan, founder and designer of Citizens of Humanity, tells StyleList. Denim designers are starting to see a rise in sales in boot cuts, flare, and trouser-leg styles, which could indicate there will be a clear shift in denim trends. Francis Pierrel, vice president of retail and wholesale at Diesel, tells StyleList that while the skinny jean will not be going away completely, new options such as the skinny boot cut are gaining momentum.

New Tork Times Article that we like!


Sunday, August 22, 2010

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Interested in ordering?


New Bond polo in

Long Sleeve, periwinkle-ish. S-xl $118

In this week...

New periwinkle Timmy J long sleeve (Blue, white and navy). Cotton with a drop of spandex. S-xl $98

Send us your carnival pics!

We want to post them here!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

G. Kelly

50's style roll-ups in black and bright blue. Made of superlight cotton/rayon. Perfect for travel! s-xl $88

The Boyer

Black and white long sleeve. Cotton. s-xl $98

Back in stock...the Timmy J polo

Slightly different fabric...this time cotton with a drop of lycra...s-xl $98 (next batch has one panel of periwinkle blue!)

Just back in...The Cabana Boy!

s-xl $98

Just in...The Delon

s-xl $108

Just in...The Holden

s-xl $98

Monday, August 2, 2010

Questions? Email us at....


Out the window the other night...

Wish you were here!

return of the black voile

back in...this time in the new 50's style roll up...s-xl $148

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

City cargo polo!

Just got these into today. Richard already said to make them in 5 colors. Pockets just like our "city cargo" button-upf First batch comes in this short sleeve number. Super soft cotton friench terry, dark brown s-xl $108

New tee!

s-xl $24

Ribbed Bond polos

Split bottom...a drop longer than last seasons...because you asked! Cream rib....s-xl $108

Sail away shirts...

Navy front and collars...the suprise is in the back. White, orange or kelly green. S-xl $88

Questions email us at coffeymen@gmail.com

the Alain

Ribbed top...super lightweight cream body (later this season in black) s-xl $108

These will be back in August! In different colors!

They are going to kill me!

Chris and Caroline, two of my five nieces and nephews (Timmy J, Kimberly and Russell) spent June here in Provincetown whipping everything into shape! They took charge of everything! They are both in college now and for some reason didn't like it when I suggested they call me "Cousin" Scott...whatever...I am sure they will force me to take these off the blog when they see them

PS just found this old pic of Caroline...thought it was funny!



Monday, July 26, 2010

Ribbed Timmy J shirt

You might have one of the these We did a similar look last December in black...this is a cool ,spongier fabric...long sleeve...cream.... Note the ribs in the vertical stripe go sideways...s-xl $128


We added more colors to our basic oxford shirt shorts this year...grey silky feeling swim (To go with the black and brown you can wear as shorts or a swimsuit), tan summer suiting fabric and a denim. Running low on these...should have posted sooner!
s-xl $98

PS Here are some gents who stopped by to say hello in their green and blue oxford shirts! (We still have these and the yellow oxord and tan linen, black or brown swim)

Cotton crinkle/texture short sleeve roll-up

We like this one. A nice simple take on a white short sleeve shirt...but not a bit boring! Shell buttons. S-XL $148

Tanks or vests?...you decide

We wanted a little color here this year since everyone seems so optimistic!

great drape on these. Kelly/navy/white or navy/orange/white s-xl $78

summer ads

Party shirt! Powder blue and white with lurex thread

This time we did it in our 1950's roll up pattern. 3/4 sleeve gives a nice bulk when you roll it up.

s-xl $148