Friday, July 29, 2011


The new grouping in will be wool pinstripe suiting...with a few twists...straight leg jean cut pants, car coat, passport jackets and the new pinstripe "motorcycle" jacket...and a fall pinstripe suiting short!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What goes on while you are all at tea dance...

or the beach...Dean (Check a few posts down)...stopped in one afternoon and ...was a bit you go...

CLICK TO ENLARGE..we actually really like all these check on check stories Dean put together...looks like a 1960's Esquire

Next in...

LOTS!!! Black linen jackets and pants....side zip windbreakers...Timmy J. button shirt...a really great looking new polo....more....question? Email us at

navy and white

"happy dog" and "happy hour"...oh and a black "hello there" cap with light blue stitching. Email us at

Coming up in August?- Give us a heads up if you want us to reserve you...

Something...especially these ultra light shorts in blue check and the shorter red gingham...or the navy blue swim shorts...or the button shirts (Examples many posts back)...certain things have been flying out everytime they come back us at

Terry shirts

New versions of the Timmy j. (named after my nephew)....Shown here on Timmy P. and Adam.

Ambush makeover - with new cord jacket and shorts

Here is our friend Dean....Dean usually favors baseball caps, over sized tees and cargo shorts...we think he looks like a french film star now...PS ...CLICK TO ENLARGE...Who under 80 smokes Pall Mall Cigarettes???

More pics of Richard

How many do we need of him anyway? Here he is in a simple black polo with white collar that just arrived and our collarless navy shirt that arrives in August....Seen here with the black linen shorts and the white linen pants...I will make more this week...this happy couple below got a set!

Limited edition! beach towels

You we put my father's pic on the towel this year...really plush and 70 inches to 24 this year...$ shipping

So many attractive people in this place!

4th of july

Still hard to believe this goes on right outside the shop door.

Best Film Festival Yet!

You should really think about booking next year's Provincetown Film festival!