Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Need a belt?- Try ITEM Miami

Yep, that same great store in Provincetown also has a shop in Miami in the winter. Mark's carrying our belts (With silver buckles) in yellow, white, navy, orange and navy. Stop in their Meridian Ave shop in Miami Beach!

These nice looking gents were nice enough to send a pic they took in Amsterdam. Fancy! Makes us feel so global!

More pics of good looking people!-

Mark's girlfriend took his pic in what are almost our vintage drawstring pants...year one or two I think ...In Australia... And Ty sent us this pic in his corduroy shorter shorts. We are making those again for resort! Email if your interested in a pair...not if your interested in Ty! He's off the market.

Some pictures from summer-

We are working on a new came across these. I miss that summer light. Good looking bunch, no?

They say everyone has a twin..

This gentleman came in with his wife and I thought it was Richard. Can you blame me?