Friday, May 16, 2008


I was about to send off the blog when our sewing group dropped off the first batch of our bond polos. They look great. Unlike the heavier weights we have done before, these are light and great for spring/summer.They have a great seam down the center and a little split at the bottom. Pink- super soft cotton, Navy- french terry (Really soft), Black - a drop heavier cotton blend, Powder- a slight ribbing to the cotton, white- a slighty heavier cotton with stretch ALL $98 (No shipping)


I'll get some better pictures of these after the going to rain up here today!

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Before you start the ballot stuffing accusations!...We just found out that this year we won the gold award from the subscribers poll for "Best Men's Store" out on the cape from Cape Cod Life...No we didn't vote, but we owe some people some money I guess!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Hey there everyone,
This is just a SMALL SAMPLE of what we are working on (We will be keeping and updating the site this summer for things that are always in stock, this is for our more limited/time sensitive things that we do in smaller numbers) .

I hope you all had a great winter,
we will be opening the store MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND,
thanks for helping us make it to a new season in Provincetown, if any of you had any problems or questions email us at and we will get right back to you!
Thanks again for all your support,
see you this summer,

scott coffey


Since you all had fun with Laura's dress (The Paris episode dress, seen here in NYC at our last year's trunk show), I was able to get 2 of the prom episode dresses. One is Christian's (The winner who was almost booted off for this one) and Ricky. Stop by and see them when you are in town,


Thanks to all of you who still ask about they guys and girls we have been lucky enough to work with the past few years. I am happy to say they are all doing so well. David (Year one) Richard (Who is working on a new project of his own to launch in June) are back this summer. Rob, Dallas, Patrick, Adrian, Justin will be back, but only for a visit. We will have some new faces including Liz and Davis. Feel free to send me any messages for them to and I will be sure to forward them for you.


Same suit as pictured in our ad from last year. This year we are adding black and white football pant fabric to the navy. They come with a removable grosgrain ribbon belt. Change it out with another belt, a piece of twine or if your a show-offs... a western belt for this years' "Wild, Wild West" Carnival parade.
black, white, navy $78


This time in powder with yellow ink and navy with orange ink.

s-xl $24 (no shipping)
navy and orange - just a few mediums left, sorry no smalls left in the powder


Army with pink
$24 (no shipping)
SORRY! Sold out maybe more next year...and maybe on a hat too.

The "Jeffrey" series

The things we didn't make poor Richard (pictured) do.

BTW, Miss Richfield 1981 will be at the Arthouse this summer.

Return of the BOND POLO

We love this shirt. We tried out just a few dozen last summer and we were once again surprised to find you liked them! Our summer versions are streaming in now.
We have a brown and grey heavier knit. There will be a black (A little dressier weight) powder rib and pink, white or navy french terry.

Based on our basic shirt fit, s-xl, $118 to $148.


A new, knee length slim SWIM SUIT with grosgrain ribbon belts

A new item "CONVERSION PANTS". They are black drawstring pants made of quick dry swim fabric. That way you can roll them up, go kayaking, wading, boating and then just roll down the cuffs and go to The Red Inn for dinner!

Brown and Grey overnight bags.

We also want to get a lot of fall things like our CAR COATS and "SUITING "JEANS in stock this summer for when you visit. We will hide those in back though so you don't have to think about it.
We are always working on NEW SO CHECK BACK TO THIS BLOG OFTEN!

Our ribbon belts are back

I always think no one ever likes anything we make! (That is an issue that will never go away),

But thanks to you all who told us you still wear your ones from previous seasons...we bring back some new ribbon belts.
Sorry sold out. But lots of new styles next spring!


We haven't changed the body of this year's button shirts, but we changed the collar a drop. Just a little smaller, and we are also adding shell buttons. We have lots of our basic super-lite and textured shirts in stock (Email me if you would like some swatches sent). The next batch due in at the end of June will include black, white and powder cotton voile, crinkle cotton (Pictured here on my nephew Russell) in white and we are having some dyed powder blue this year. Lots of light blue and navy this time.

(People sometimes ask me about the painting he is holding, I got that a few years ago because it reminded me of him when he was a kiddy at the beach)

The "TIMMY J." vest

This vest (Which will also be a long sleeve shirt in the fall) is great over one of our lightweight button shirts...or wear it alone as a muscle tank for hitting the town.

It's based on my giant nephew Timothy's (Pictured in the sample) rugby team(They call him Timmy J.) shirt. We decided to do it in ribbed fabrics. The rib will go down on the body and across on the stripe. We lowered the neck a bit since I took this photo on a trip to NYC.
This does great things for the shoulder line.
Coming in JUNE in black, cream and white.

It will be in white, black or cream thick rib and should be in shop in JUNE!


This is a great shirt that will arrive in JUNE. Our first batch is being done in ribbed and flat cotton in white, black, robin's egg and powder blue (I couldn't find the colors I liked so we are having them garment dyed up the cape a bit).

The great thing about this shirt is the stripes go horizontally across the chest and the vertically over the stomach, so it's flattering! We did a lot of versions of the neckline too. We like this one the best.
We will be doing heavier fabric for fall too...but let's not think about that right now!

Always find time for a "HAPPY HOUR"

Maybe some of us should have less! But certainly not in Provincetown!

navy with orange ink $26 (No shipping)

sorry! sold out

remember to "RELAX" tee

Know a type "A" personality? A type "D"?

We recommend wearing this when you are on vacation or have a stressful day ahead of you.

For the record, it still the only recliner my sister has let her husband have.
Sorry! Sold out


I hope we don't get in trouble for this one! My family always liked what Kitty Carlisle-Hart stood for so we wanted to do a little tribute to her. When asked how at 96 years old she did all her charity work, still performed, showed up to every party and still looked as beautiful as she did 40 years earlier she said " Every night before I go to bed I look in the mirror and say Kitty...I forgive you".

It was suggested that we reverse it so you could read in the mirror as you get ready for bed. Try it sometime.
sorry! sold out.

The "GATES" Provincetown

The Pied (Next door) had a little problem with one of our winter hurricanes.
It reminded me of Central Park a few years ago.


Just so you all know it's not always sunshine and surfing up here...but this is when we start hunting around for summer fabrics etc.

199 commercial provincetown MA 02657

Low tide

I took this picture at low tide one day...that's it.

happy dog and mermaid caps

We did these on two style hats. A classic navy baseball cap with orange embroidery and then a cappy version in army green with the same orange embroidery.
Both available in army or navy. $24 (No shipping)

slim shorts

I am not a big fan of cargo shorts. I feel they widen the body and make the legs look shorter. These shorts have all the extra fabric off the hips and hit just right on the knees,,,,and why work the glutes and calves only to get them lost in a sea of fabric?



We redid last year's linen slim shorts for those that didn't get their sizes. Our next batch will be the same cut, just in supper lightweight shirting fabric for those really hot days of July and August.

mint, yellow, orange, brown, natural, powder, grey, cream

with tortise button
all $98, small through xl, no shipping cost!

"hello there" mermaid tee

Sunning herself on a rock. Orange ink on navy tee
$26 - (shipping included)