Monday, November 17, 2008


What was that about???... .Our Patrick was second to go on the show....Over some noodles? He was a great asset and definately the one to root for!!! Thanks for all the comments about how well he handled himself...yes, he certainly has a bright future. I will forward all the emails to him.


(Here is a picture I took of him when he visited a few weeks ago. I told him to "Jump the Shark"..joking I am sure he would ruin the show...little did I know "They" would jump the shark by not keeping him on longer.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Working on NEW SCARVES and GIFTS!


Root for our friend on TOP CHEF!!!


Our friend and coworker Patrick Dunlea (Who is still just a student by the way) was chosen to be on the new Top Chef episodes this fall. We have no idea how he did, and frankly, we are not pressing him to know how he did...we don't want to know....we need an excuse for a viewing partys!

Good luck Patrick!

(Patrick is the one doing the backflip on the commercial. You might recognize him from the shop where he worked one summer. He is in some ads further down the this year with the golf ball in his mouth...the other in the "Boys of summer section" in the alley waiting for his to arrive) If you want to wish him well, email us and I will forward it to him!

check out his bio at:

Friday, September 26, 2008 shipping and everything is ALWAYS returnable!

And new scarves, coats, shirts will be posted weekly. We are even working on winter getaway for resorts!

We will be in shop WEEKENDS all winter long.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

"Wild, Wild West"- Provincetown Carnival Theme

Well, we couldn't let the parade go by without a nod from the Wellingtons (Our summer ad couple).

Thanks to Molly for the saddle and ...Rob for being...not shy.

Our are clothes getting around...

Happy Hour on "The Great Wall? Phil in the "Milkman"...god knows where??? Fargo? And Kimberly in the "Happy Dog" in Tokyo! That's cool.


Bond polos...this time in long sleeve

Glad you all liked these this summer! We have three new colors in long sleeve for this season. A very limited apple green, a great charcoal and a super soft chocolate(For those of you who got the super soft pink short sleeve pond polo- this is the same fabric).
Split at the neckline and bottom (At belt line). A great twist on a basic polo. All cotton and french terry. s-xl $128
for more Lawrence is wearing the short sleeve bond polo ($98) in black with a tee and jeans.

Empire shirt

The white basically sold out fast...then we had this fabric dyed (Locally) for fall in a great blue and chocolate. Especially flattering because the cotton ribbing goes horizontally across the chest and vertically across the stomach. Great if you are a bit stocky/muscular or very FAT like Richard(Shown here).

s-xl Blue and brown $88

Blue herringbone shirt

You all liked the swatch and this one is really great in person...try it on approval if you like...

s-xl $168

car coats

We brought back our 3/4 length car coats this time in Navy mini cord and grey(With a bit of blue) wide wale corduroy. s-xl $275

Jean cut suiting pants

Great traditional suiting fabric...but cut fitted like a jean...slightly boot cut, tortise buttons s-xl $218
Camel tropical weight wool
Plaid silk and wool

Sorry just a medium in the plaid and 1 small and 2 medium in the camel left.

The party shirt!

We do a different version every season. For this batch we did it in white cotton with the silver lurex stripe. We all need something fun like this for the right occassions
s- xl $168

great stripes!

A simple, flat yellow and powder stripe and a great textured blue/white...see the closeups.
s-xl $168

drawstring pants...for fall

Can't do without these.

(For those of you who asked we WILL definitely bringing them back in new spring linen and seersucker).

The fabrics shown here are great and very different from each other. We like the drawstring pants best with a polo or sweater...even under a blazer.

Brown plaid (With faint powder blue stripe) in wool and silk $148

Black and White stretch in cotton $138

Tan triple stripe and black in a great blend $138

Tropical weight wool in charcoal with pinstripe $148

Lower rise...fitted back looks great when you are walking away.

sheer cotton voile

Love this will be our new in white and powder blue voile. Sheer but very wearable. Very sexy alone or with a tank. Put it with boring khakis or a great pair of jeans. Great way to sex up a flannel navy or charcoal suit. s- xl $168

Think about it under a vest our ribbed Timmy J. $138 (Seen here on Lawrence, who is new to town and will be working with us this winter!).

basic black or navy

We always need one. Black or dark navy cotton.
s- xl $158. Shell buttons.

What the milkman saw!

I get up really's amazing what I see biking around town in the morning (Chaps at sunrise?)... made me think what a 1950's milkman might see on his route!
s-xl $24

chocolate and mint button shirts

Great for fall with tweeds or a charcoal wool pant or in the spring with a pair of khaki shorts or white pants. Our athletic cut.
s-xl $158

some clippings...

These embarrass us, but people were nice enough to write them...

we will add the others soon..we are a bit busy sewing.


This jacket is made in mini dark, dark navy cord. 3 Horizontal pockets make this a bit more interesting than a standard blazer. The collar can be worn up or down...but we like it up most of the time.
s- xl $275
SORRY! Just 1 medium left as of today.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Hey there, I heard some of the email to is bouncing back...if it does, try Thank you!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008